Raising Efficiency


How can ICT-technology contribute to creating value for your company?

Optimising Costs

Have you utilised all optimisation opportunities for external costs?

Sourcing Concepts and IT-Service Management

Are you aware of potentials to enhance efficiency within your ICT environment?

Automation and Opimisation of Processes

What are the greatest potentials regarding the automation of your working processes?

Planning and Procurement

Do you have sufficient knowhow to conduct complex planning and procurement projects?

ICT Strategy

When supporting you in the development of a customised ICT strategy we pay special attention to the following areas:

  • Analysis of influencing parameters
  • Assessment of future developments
  • Calculation of risks

In order to develop suitable strategies we examine your entire portfolio of ICT services and applications and evaluate different scenarios. The goal is to develop a clear guideline for investment, projects and operational plans collaboratively with your company.

Sourcing Concepts and IT Service Management

In order to ensure a professional and efficient support of business processes customer and service oriented information and communication technologies are crucial –> IT services management (ITSM).

The goal of ITSM is to improve efficiency, quality and profitability through various measures.

These measures include among others:

  • Creation and implementation of sourcing concepts
  • Professionalisation of the IT operations on the basis of acknowledged frameworks and standards
  • Design and establishment of elaborated workflows
  • Evaluation and adoption of ITSM systems

Planning and Procurement

We offer our support concerning the procurement of all ICT services and applications. Due to our expertise we are able to support procurement procedures in accordance with the federal procurement law (BVergG).

Our experienced consultants support the success of the project through a well-structured and efficient approach.

Our support includes among others:

  • The assessment and management of requirements and specification
  • Assessment of offers
  • Contract design
  • Negotiations with suppliers

Optimising Costs

Purchasing costs often affect the competitiveness and profitability of businesses and offer potentials for optimization. Apart from IT and service costs we analyse transport, printing, mailing, logistics, waste disposal, energy, facility management, etc.
In order to survey and implement optimisation potentials regarding purchasing:

  • We provide quantity and demand analysis
  • We evaluate purchasing conditions and the scope of offers in relation to current market offers.

Our assessment is based on (international) benchmarking and best practice examples from years of experience.

Automation and Optimisation of Processes

Business processes directly determine the success of your company. Optimised or automated processes

  • improve performance by shortening lead time and improving the quality of process
  • directly increase the competitiveness of your company
We conduct a sector-specific comparison of you company’s processes and offer our experience in supporting their further development. We identify inconsistencies in media usage, illustrate possibilities created by digitalization and evaluate their implementation regarding costs and benefits.

By analysing your operational processes holistically we develop new approaches and framework conditions for optimisation and automation.