Digital Innovation / Transformation

How does innovation take place in your organisation?


Business Model Innovation

Do you know which business models will be relevant for your company in the future?

Development of digital Services

Is your business prepared to develop digital services?


Sector-specific Innovation

Is your company among the innovation leaders in its sector?

Digital Innovation / Transformation

We support and facilitate your organisation on its path into a digital future. Customer requirements as well as entire markets will change severely due to new digital possibilities.

Thus, we will support you in

  • Discovering unexploited potentials in order to analyse and evaluate their benefits,
  • Developing customised solutions and ensuring their implementation.
We offer our expertise concerning all dimensions of digitisation (e.g. mobility, energy, work, education, security) and support your strategy development, implementation plans, feasibility check and implementation. Andreas Derler-Klocker

Director, HMP Consulting

Development of digital Services

We support your organisation to:

  • develop consitent and comprehensive digital services and digital service platforms which are fit for the future.
  • digitalise your products and services.
  • develop operational processes which meet customer requirements in the digital future.
We accompany your organisation in the development of digital services for customer service and marketing. Further, we evaluate new technologies and their application.

We accompany the entire project – from its initial idea to its final implementation – and see our role as initiator and promoter.

Sector-specific Innovation

Every industry is affected by digitalisation and digital innovation in specific ways. Two particularly interesting areas concerning digital innovation, in which HMP has gathered great experience are telemedicine and smart cities.

Telemedicine and technological innovation have become indispensable in modern healthcare.

We are specialised in identifying potentials, which come with new technologies. Our particular focus concerns

    • Increasing efficiency in all areas of the health care system (stationary, ambulant and residential services), especially in the context of rehabilitation and chronical diseases),

Supporting organisations in introducing telemedicine applications.

The digitalisation of public, urban infrastructure, commonly referred to as “Smart City”, is an exciting but also challenging topic. Especially in Vienna. In recent years HMP has gained considerable experience in this field through implementation projects. HMP is able to support your company in:

  • developing smart city strategies and implementation concepts
  • assessing new technologies in the area of smart cities and evaluating their application
  • implementing smart city concepts and supporting the introduction of smart city services

Business Model Innovation

We support your company in redeveloping business models on the basis of your existing products and in developing completely new business development and marketing models. In this process we emphasise the emerging challenges in a digital world.
We support companies, as well as marketing and strategy departments in:

  • developing completely new business models and respective implementation concepts
  • using practice-proven methods such as business model innovation for process development
  • evaluating new business models concerning their feasibility and market suitability
  • implementing new business models